Since 1954 Western Speedway has been the heart and soul of Langford, week in and week out each season thousands of fans, drivers, team members, and families make the drive down Millstream Road. For the first time in 66 years, the engines have fallen silent and the fans have not had the chance to cheer on their favourite drivers and cars. The track may be quiet but the drivers desire to compete, and the fan’s thirst for action is still strong.

Western Speedway has combined forces with Shockwave, The Keg Steakhouse + Bar, and charity partner Goldstream Food Bank, to bring the competition to a screen near you, creating Horsepower For Hunger – an online multi-week race series, giving the fans a fun escape and raising money for a very important community program.

You’ll recognize the cars, replicas of Western Speedway late models, the drivers span several local series, and there are even some surprise guests who want to try their hand at taking on our top drivers. You’ll even hear a familiar voice in Cole Sorenson, Western Speedway’s own announcer.

The tracks you’ll know, Daytona, Sears Point, Richmond, Phoenix. You’ve watched NASCAR’s biggest stars compete at these facilities, now you’ll see our local stars taking on the bigger tracks, and even turning left and right. Victoria has long produced drivers who can compete at the top levels, from Indianapolis to Daytona, the tracks may be new to our drivers, but the competitive spirit is in their soul, and the talent to go to the top is in their blood.

Join us online on Sunday nights at 7 pm, cheer on your driver, your car, or just cheer on the action, and most importantly, donate what you can to the Goldstream Food Bank – having the opportunity to race during this time is a privilege, raising money to help those in need during this time is the reward.