iRacing Late Model Series Rules


The expectation of everyone involved with this league is simple; Everyone should be able to have an enjoyable time racing on a virtual racetrack. Although the league may get competitive, everyone needs to remember why we are here and what we are trying to accomplish. The league and its sponsors will work as hard as they can to provide a fair playing field for all drivers involved. Situations that arise that may go against the intentions of the league will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the league administrators.

Please familiarize yourself with the iRacing Sporting Code – found under the HELP tab on the members website.

Administrators reserve the right to enforce this Code at any time.

Driver's Meeting

Driver’s who intend on participating in the evening’s race must be logged in and ready for a driver’s meeting 10 minutes prior to the start of qualifying. Any driver who fails to attend the driver’s meeting will not be eligible to race in that evening’s event.


The rulebook is simple as possible, and it is expected that drivers read and understand the rules prior to joining this league. Anything that is not currently outlined in the rulebook will be decided at admin’s discretion and posted to an updated rulebook. The only appropriate time to protest rule enforcement is after a race has been completed.

Race Information

Race Schedule: All Events will start at 5:30pm PST with a 120 minute practice session. The Driver’s Meeting will start at 7:20 and last for 10 minutes. Qualifying will begin at 7:30pm and last for 5 minutes. A short 10 minute “warm-up race” will be run for the slowest 8 qualifiers. At 7:45 a 15 minute warm-up is scheduled for broadcast purposes. No cars to be on track during the warmup. The main event will start at 8:00pm and be limited to 90 minutes (ending at 9:30 at the latest). Anticipated run time is 60 minutes.

Maximum Entries: The current season of racing will be limited to 24 entries at tracks 1 mile or shorter, and 30 entries at tracks longer than 1 mile. 17 of these entries will come from “charter member” cars, 3 from series provisionals, and 4 (24 car limit) or 10 (30 car limit) from “race in” participants.
Qualifying: Qualifying will be 4 laps with best timed lap counting. A driver must complete at least 1 clean lap to submit a qualifying time. Any car not submitting a qualifying time will be lined up at the back of the starting grid.

Heat Races: Standard Heat races will not be run.

Main Event: The main event will be populated based on qualifying order. The front portion of the field will be inverted. The invert will be selected from 6, 8, or 10 cars prior to the end of qualifying.

Track Starting Conditions

Weather: Weather for all races will be set to 74 degrees with partly cloudy conditions. The humidity and wind will be left at the default settings (55% and 2MPH). Weather Variation will be turned off.

Track State: Time of Day will be set to Sunset for all courses except Sonoma. Sonoma will be set to Afternoon. Track state will start at 65% at the beginning of practice. All sessions will carry over track state from the previous session. Automatically clean marbles will be turned on (default).

Day Races: Sonoma will be run as a day race due to the circuit not having lighting for night racing.

Other: Any other track condition modifiers will remain set to the default setting.

iRacing Setup Rules

Car Setup: All tracks will be Fixed Setups. A fixed setup will be selected by league officials and made available by Tuesday of the week prior so driver’s can practice.

Tires: Drivers will be eligible to replace as many tires as they want.

Quick Repair: 1 quick repairs will be allowed during a race. Drivers will always start the main event with 1 quick repair regardless of any issues in preliminary events. The Daytona race will allow an additional quick repair in the main event.

Cautions: Caution flags will be handled at Admin discretion. Yellow flag laps will count towards the allotted 100 laps. Admin has the discretion to change restarts from double file to single file. All restarts in the final stage of the race will be double file (20 laps at ovals; 5 laps at road course).

Running Rules

Start Procedure: The race will start when the green flag drops, all drivers are expected to stay in line until they have passed the start finish line. Any driver jumping the start by jumping out of line before the start finish can be handed a black flag penalty. The leader must start on the bottom for the initial start of the race.

Caution Flags: iRacing Yellow Flags may be turned on for main events. Admin has the right to throw a yellow if deemed necessary. Yellow flag laps will count towards the advertised length of the race. Racers are expected to follow the directions provided by the in game race command (follow the X car, let X past). All drivers should leave the top lane open for the lucky dog and/or wave around cars to pass.

Restart Procedure: Restarts will be double file with lap cars going to the back or single file with lap cars at the back; as set by the race official. The leader will have lane choice on restarts and must choose a lane at the 1 to go command. Restarts will be on the green flag; anyone attempting to anticipate the start by laying back and taking a run prior to the green flag will be given a black flag stop and go penalty.

Lucky Dog: Lucky Dog award will be set to ON. The first car that is down at least one lap and that is not involved in the caution will receive the lucky dog. iRacing will handle the lucky dog on its own. Lucky Dog is to pass the field and the pace car on the outside.

Wave Around: Wave arounds will be turned on. Any lap down car who is between the leader and pace car at the 1 to go command will be given the wave around to pass the pace car and join the field at the back of the line. iRacing will handle wave arounds on its own. No additional wave arounds will be given.

End of Line: Any driver causing a wreck or caution will go to the EOL. Racing officials will determine the cause of any caution and administer the EOL penalty. If the cause of an incident is not readily apparent and multiple drivers are involved; racing officials may send multiple drivers to the back of the field.

Causing Cautions: If you cause a caution in a race, you will face penalties. First offenses for causing a caution will be penalized by starting at the end of the longest line (EOL). If a driver causes a second caution, they will serve a stop and go black flag penalty on pit road once green flag racing resumes. If a driver causes a third caution, they will be disqualified from the race. Race officials have discretion over what is considered the “cause” of a caution.

Incident Points: Drivers will be allowed to accrue a maximum of 24 incident points before serving a stop and go penalty. Each additional 24 points will result in an additional stop and go penalty. The amount may be adjusted during the season with one week advance notice given to all drivers.

Black Flags: iRacing black flags will be handled by the default software. All black flags handed out by the software can be reviewed by the race officials and cleared at the official’s discretion. Officials reserve the right to black flag a racer for actions detrimental to the race. Any black flag handed out by an official will not be reversible.
Green White Checkered: Attempts will be made to finish a race under green flag conditions. The Green/White/Checkered option will be enabled with 2 Green/White/Checkered attempts available.

Race Finish: iRacing will have control over finishing order. If cars are involved in a wreck on the last lap, cars must cross the finish line to set their position. Any car who fails to cross the finish line will end up at the tail end of their respective lap.
Protests: Any protest must be made after the completion of a race. Although situations may arise during the course of a race, admins will make their best effort to make an immediate fair and reasonable decision. Challenging any decisions during a race can result in penalties to a driver including, but not limited to, voice chat mute/ban, suspension, or ejection from the race or league. Immediately following a race, any protests will be reviewed and the final decisions will come from race admins. All decisions are final.

Unstated Rules: If a rule is not included in this rulebook, then it will be up to the discretion of admins to review and make necessary changes. No change to the rulebook will be made during a race. If any changes are necessary, they will be reviewed and posted on the league site at least 5 days prior to the next race. Rule changes will also be reviewed at the drivers meeting prior to each race. If a situation arises during a race that there is no applicable rule, the race admin will make a discretionary call for that race until a rule can be put in place after the race.

Championship Points

Qualifying Points: The fastest car in qualifying will receive 6 championship points. Second gets 5 points, third gets 4, fourth gets 3, fifth gets 2, and sixth gets 1. All remaining drivers receive 0 qualifying points.

Main Event Points: The Main event winning car will receive 15 championship points. Second place will get 12 points, third place will get 10 points, fourth place will get 8 points, and fifth will get 6 points. Finishers 6 through 10 will receive 1 less point than the finisher ahead of them. All places after that will get 1 point.

Owner Points: All points awarded will go to the car/owner as opposed to the driver. Championship standings will include the owners car number and name/team name.